Whether you need a paint color consultation or a full room renovation, Beth will help you realize your dreams. Custom decorating orders are also available for window treatments, re-upholstery projects, silk floral arrangements and furniture.

Beth works directly with you on each and every aspect of the project from consultation, design and budgeting through to installation, managing each phase of construction for renovation projects. All her subcontractors are each fully insured.  They insure beyond redesign, and beyond redesign insures you. Throughout each project, the emphasis is on quality.

Beth takes a holistic view of the projects throughout your home for a complete decorating perspective. What matters to you, matters to Beth; she will always treat your project as if it is one in her own home.

Services include:

Color or decorating consultations

Decorating: selection of furniture, rugs and accessories and a room layout

Complete room renovations including baths and kitchens

Custom orders for window treatments, silk floral arrangements, furniture

Real Estate Staging and Redesign (completely redecorating a room with your own furniture and accessories)


You never get a second chance to make that all-important first impression.

Think about that. Once you see a house, you have an image of it in your mind that will not change. For better, or for worse!

That is why Real Estate Staging is an important sales tool to use at the start of the selling process, even before the Realtors® open house.

Staging creates those appealing, welcoming images of your home, especially online, that the buyer will recall. 87% of buyers shop online. You will use staging to allow you to sell your house more quickly and potentially for a higher price.

For you, staging makes your house the focal point, showcasing its best features and architectural details for a potential buyer to admire.

Think about when you find that perfect dress, piece of jewelry or even a car. You have been visually and emotionally drawn to it. That purchase may have been the designer’s passion to create, but it is yours now. The same process happens when you sell your home.

Your home is the product to sell. It is no longer your family home full of your own personal touches and the years of wonderful memories: possibly that of your children growing, the parties, the family gatherings, the holidays, the laughter and the tears. Now your home is a product. Thus, there is the need for staging so a buyer can get past your home’s history, see its best architectural details and furniture placement, make an emotional tie to it themselves and envision it as their new home. You will have the sale and move on yourself!

Tax-deductible expense? Staging should be able to be classified as a selling expense if a home is staged as part of the marketing and sale of a primary residence. For a rental property, the staging expense should be able to be deducted as an expense when selling the property or if the staging was done in an attempt to rent the property. Check with your own accountant or tax advisor for a final opinion.


Homes staged as compared to those that are not…

> 81% of buyers say it is easier to visual a home as their own if it is staged. Source: National Association of Realtors 2015 Profile of Home Staging

> 20% of Buyers increase the value of their offer by 6-20% for a staged home. Source: National Association of Realtors 2015 Profile of Home Staging

> Project a strong digital appeal for virtual tours online and on smart phones. 87% of buyers shop digitally, 94% for 25– 44 year olds

> Appear better maintained and thus more valuable

Staging Process

First, we will meet for a consultation, your ‘buyer’s eye view’ walk through of your property and your house. Yes, the property too; curb appeal is paramount. Your consultation typically lasts for 90 minutes.

We will go through your home room by room. With a specific checklist, there are details of your home that I will be noting. You and I will then review my suggestions. Some of the ideas you will be able to do yourself for free, if you choose. Occasionally, a few accent pieces like simple pictures, a throw or some accessories can be part of the recommendations.

If staging is needed, you then decide when you want to move forward and schedule a date for staging, one that will work best with your schedule. You need not be home during the staging and it generally takes half a day to a day. I am insured.

What happens the day of the staging? Now the transformation begins!

Your home will be neutralized to appeal to the largest pool of potential buyers. It is my job to depersonalize it while still decorating it to create a house with character. I will create…

> an accent on the house’s architectural features windows, fireplaces, millwork, etc

> the best traffic flow you have to allow for three people to be walking through at all times

> more space and light; light, spacious rooms sell

> new furniture arrangements that are the most visually appealing

When staged, your house will be best posed to sell. The buyers’ perception will also be that you have maintained your home very well over the years. And this perception will only help sell your home too. You will now have best differentiated your house from that of the competition. Your house will be the stand out.

The results will be dramatic, leading to more offers in a shorter period of time. Money in your pocket! And it will be time to focus on yourself and move on to your new home.